With the ever-increasing competition in the casino world, the various existing casinos try to adopt and offer new ways to attract more and more players towards it. The promotional campaigns adopted by these casinos vary in nature with the sole motive of increasing their network of players. Therefore, before joining any casino, it is advisable to look out the nature of the casino bonuses offered. Now days, no deposit casinos have become widely popular and are overshadowing the other bonus offers.

The Sign-up Bonuses Offered

Among the various types of casino bonuses offered, players usually get attracted towards the sign-up bonus offers. You can choose either a first-time deposit bonus or points based bonus. The first time bonus is a certain percentage of the player’s initial deposit.

A New Bonus Type

Apart from the above listed bonuses, you can also opt for a new bonus type. Today, many online casinos are also offering no deposit casino bonus. This new type of bonus is accumulating huge amount of popularity among the casino players. It does not require any initial deposit amount and is not based on credit points either.

The casino bonus, which requires no deposit, is commonly becoming popular as free trail bonus offers. The players simply sign up for an account without any initial payment, and start availing the casino credit bonus. Presently, no deposit casinos for USA players have also become quite popular due to the introduction of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006.

Two Types of No Deposit Casinos

On a broader term, no deposit casino bonus can be divided into two types. These include-
Time based Bonus- Since past two years, this no deposit casino bonus has gained instant popularity. The player is offered a set amount of casino credits, a preset amount of time, and a minimum amount of wagers. The player has to wager the minimum amount in the present time allotted. If the player ends up getting a minimum amount of profit, then he/she will win the bonus money. The player can choose among the various online casino games offered in the mini-view window of the miniscule version of the software, within the set amount of casino credit offered.

Play-through Bonus- This type of no deposit bonus requires a minimum deposit amount. The player needs to wager the amount of the bonus a certain number of times. On average, it should be at least 20x.

The biggest advantage of availing any one of the above listed no deposit casino bonus types is that it allows the players to check the software and gaming graphics before investing a big amount. It is a win-win situation for you because the bonus money is not coming out of your pocket.